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Categorial Minimalist Grammar: From Generative Syntax To Logical Form

To begin with, we will first review some basic notions of Minimalist Grammars and Categorial Grammars. Next we will briefly introduce Partially Commutative Linear Logic and explain our representation of Minimalist Grammars within this categorial system, the so-called Categorial Minimalist Grammars. Then we will have a quick look at λµ-DRT (Discourse Representation Theory) an extension of λ-DRT (compositional DRT) in the framework of λµ calculus. This framework does not require type raising and derives different readings from a single semantic representation in a setting which follows discourse structure. Finally we shall run a complete example which illustrates the various structures and rules that are needed to derive a semantic representation from the categorial view of a transformational syntactic analysis.